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Chelsea Rickman is anything but conventional, and Boho Soul, her line of resort and boutique-inspired ready-to-wear pieces, walks that walk. Crafted to enable a woman to transition from a day at the beach to a night on the town, her clothing plays on that duality, creating looks that are both comfortable and chic. Her designs bring an edge and style to boutique and resort wear, bridging the gap between high fashion and affordable consumer wear.   


While her line speaks for itself, Chelsea also has the experience to back it up. She grew up immersed in the industry—both her parents are fashion veterans who served as two of the top sales reps traveling amongst the United States and Caribbean as The Rickman Group. While studying international business at the University of Florida, Chelsea decided to learn the inner workings of the industry for herself. She began at the bottom, making sales calls for a wholesale fashion line, and then transitioned to handling showroom visits and building her own customer base. Eventually she managed all the Caribbean business for the company’s junior beachwear division. 


After 5 years pounding the pavement, Chelsea dove headfirst out of her comfort zone and traveled the world for four months to gain the kind of knowledge you can only learn from first-hand experience. 


she designed her pieces to be something both she and her mother would want in their closets. Boho Soul is not about placing limits on who can wear what—it’s aesthetic aims to represent the inclusive, simple and humble lifestyle that permeates the boutique and resort market. Each piece in the Boho Soul collection has been thoughtfully constructed with passion and respect. From the patterns to the fabric to the trims, the prides she takes in every aspect of her garments’ creation is evident. 

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